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Love the Toof

Personally i think this episode of TooF was the best one yet... I love this stuff dude. Keep it up

Love these movies

Bro these movies just keep getting better and better. I'm addicted. I wait all week for the new toof epuisode. It's kinda sad, but by the same token, when they're this good. its def. worth it.

Logo replies was good. I enjoyed it quite a bit. You should do more. Now go get some head and shoulders or selsun blue or whatever that shit is and clean up your nasty hair. Kidding...

And go get some ice cream too...

Fucking Toof...

Yo, honestly, let me tell you the best part of my day...

I sit down on my computer at like 3 oclock in the morning (cuz i'm a fucking insomniac) and i watch the brand new Toof episode. Honest to god. I love it. Keep up the great work.

TOOF CROOSE! "Is somebody making brownies?"

MACception responds:

Dude...You would never know how happy I am to make your day :D

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There should be an award for how long this game has been on the front page.
Its fantastic. I play this game probably once or twice a day... Its so fun and addicting

I bet its fun... wish i could play it

Heres the thing... I loved A Small Favor. And i guarantee that I'm gonna love this one too. Except the damn thing keeps tweaking balls when i play it. Whatever bug is infesting itself in this game is a real killer because i couldn't even leave the forest. Please fix this... I really want to play it

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Great game man...

I love this game. I was quite upset when they blammed it last time so good job in bringing it back 5/5

by the way... this game IS NOT STOLEN. I remember him submitting this years ago. Nice try assholes, you lose

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Not half bad

Actually this is quite good. From your comment, i half expected loud noises and screaming
but no this is very well done.
BTW, i have another orgy of mystic quest. I dunno if you saw it, but that one is pretty good as well. Give it a listen, tell your friends, make me happy


This is so sick...
And I thought i was good at guitar. You have just completely put me to shamelol
Yeah it was pretty freaking incredible

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Please God...

Please tune you piano. I have perfect pitch, and this song was agony on both my ears and my head. The lack of tuning really detracted from the piece. However, again like the other song i reviewed, this one seems very monotone. Add volume changes, chord changes, other instruments, and other general effects to excite the listener more. not bad for a semi-first attempt, but if you ultimately want to succeed, it does need to be worked on. A lot.
As always, listen and review mine as well please

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