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Love the Toof

Personally i think this episode of TooF was the best one yet... I love this stuff dude. Keep it up

Fucking Toof...

Yo, honestly, let me tell you the best part of my day...

I sit down on my computer at like 3 oclock in the morning (cuz i'm a fucking insomniac) and i watch the brand new Toof episode. Honest to god. I love it. Keep up the great work.

TOOF CROOSE! "Is somebody making brownies?"

MACception responds:

Dude...You would never know how happy I am to make your day :D

Jesus Tittyfucking Christ

I've seen better animations in my skid marks...
come baxk when you can actually make a good animation

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There should be an award for how long this game has been on the front page.
Its fantastic. I play this game probably once or twice a day... Its so fun and addicting

I bet its fun... wish i could play it

Heres the thing... I loved A Small Favor. And i guarantee that I'm gonna love this one too. Except the damn thing keeps tweaking balls when i play it. Whatever bug is infesting itself in this game is a real killer because i couldn't even leave the forest. Please fix this... I really want to play it

Great game man...

I love this game. I was quite upset when they blammed it last time so good job in bringing it back 5/5

by the way... this game IS NOT STOLEN. I remember him submitting this years ago. Nice try assholes, you lose

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Not half bad

Actually this is quite good. From your comment, i half expected loud noises and screaming
but no this is very well done.
BTW, i have another orgy of mystic quest. I dunno if you saw it, but that one is pretty good as well. Give it a listen, tell your friends, make me happy


This is so sick...
And I thought i was good at guitar. You have just completely put me to shamelol
Yeah it was pretty freaking incredible

Please God...

Please tune you piano. I have perfect pitch, and this song was agony on both my ears and my head. The lack of tuning really detracted from the piece. However, again like the other song i reviewed, this one seems very monotone. Add volume changes, chord changes, other instruments, and other general effects to excite the listener more. not bad for a semi-first attempt, but if you ultimately want to succeed, it does need to be worked on. A lot.
As always, listen and review mine as well please

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