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Warhawk Anyone?

2007-08-25 22:35:01 by mafyapenguin94

The biggest craze to hit the ps3 is coming out on tuseday...wednesday...thursday...?
Whatever. All that matters is that it's coming out this week. I don't know about anyone else but i'm sure as hell gonna buy it the moment it comes out and not a second later

Warhawk Anyone?


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2007-08-25 22:48:57

Looks like a good game. But you never know untill you try


2007-08-26 01:07:53

I remember the original Warhawk, that was a great PS1 game.


2007-10-19 07:26:12

WOOO HOO for you, i would sing but you can't here me (hi i'm smico, pico's cousin nice to meet you)


2009-09-02 22:08:55

im alzhanders fiance and ur comment on his post ment alot to me thank you